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"I much appreciate your tribute to all of the records Linda and I made over the years. My congratulations to Tristan and the band on doing such an excellent job." - Peter Asher, Producer, Linda Ronstadt


"It’s not often you see a performance so good that they receive a standing ovation, much less MULTIPLE ones. A phenomenal show tonight by Tristan McIntosh and The Linda Ronstadt Experience."

- The Lamp Theatre, Irwin, PA

“This performance made me cry. It was absolutely amazing!

If you have the opportunity to see The Linda Ronstadt Experience, please do. This young singer is brilliant!!!!”

- Munya, Boston, MA


“Incredible band. Tremendous.”

- Lisa, Boston, MA


“You guys were FABULOUS! …it was amazing…

Tristan, you're a wonder!”

- Louisa, Northampton, MA


“Great show last night…. what impressed me most was [the] incredibly talented seasoned band. …Tristan was amazing… her innocence and playfulness really made the audience truly love her. [This] show was amazing! Multi talented band, guitar leads were exceptional, keys fantastic, Tristan well.. simply beautiful and vocally perfect with a hint of shyness & innocence. Great night thanks”

- Steve, Beverly, MA

"Stunning performance of this and

every other song she did last night. So glad we were there."

- Linda, western MA


"Great show! I’ve seen them perform twice now. Tristan McIntosh not only sounds like Linda Ronstadt, but she also bears an uncanny resemblance to her, as well. The band is as solid as they come. If you can attend, I assure that you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself. I can’t wait until they come back to my area so I can see them again. Yes, they’re that good." 

- Uncredited Fan


"It was a night I will not forget, and one I definitely hope to repeat..."

- Chuck, Ironwood, MI


"The Mission of the Ironwood Theatre is to provide cultural entertainment of the highest possible quality to our community and we achieved this goal with the Linda Ronstadt Experience on April 12, 2019. Tristan and all the band members are musicians of the highest quality and provided our audience with an experience they will not soon forget. Comments included:

“Tristan is better than Linda Ronstadt."; "Please bring them back again soon."; and “One of the best shows I have ever seen and heard at the Ironwood Theatre." From a 3 year old in the audience to an 83 year old the show was enjoyed by all. Thank you Cindy for making it happen!"

- Historic Ironwood Theatre Board President


"Tristan, you and the guys are the best! On behalf of the entire community, thank you for an outstanding show! The town is still abuzz over your show."

- Bruce, ironwood, MI


“Absolutely a fantastic performance”

- Richard, West Haven, CT


"At the risk of being redundant...and to reiterate my remarks on Tristan's personal FB page... well, here goes... what a superb show! Brilliant musicianship all around - and a truly spellbinding performance by Tristan McIntosh as well. Linda Ronstadt surely would be quite proud of this most gifted young artist - as well as her supremely talented band mates!

Each and every one of them delivered 100% and then some.

I am certain they will all be blessed with long and continually successful careers. Looking forward to their next appearance in the meantime, I hope you all have a safe and successful tour!"

- Anthony, Woodbridge NJ 


"This amazing band truly is an experience!!!!"

- Bob, Fan, Lawrence Harbor, NJ


"What an amazing performance!!!! Thank you for coming to Evanston"

 - Gary, Fan, Evanston,IL

"We decided to see your show last minute Friday at the Aracada and I was expecting some nice Linda Ronstadt songs and have a couple drinks. We were completely blown away by you and the band. We are still talking about it, and we saw Hamilton Saturday! Even though we were in a small space, you sang your heart out as if you were at the Allstate Arena. You are all passionate about her music. The last thing that made the night so special was the humility you and the band had. That you were so grateful to be able to play, even a tiny little place in suburbia. Made us feel special. Don’t forget this. See you next time you come in town." 

- Terri, Fan, Wheaton, IL,

"I’ve always loved Linda’s signature look of a flower in her hair. Usually a red Hibiscus. She is my favorite female singers of all time and you sound so much like her. What an amazing tribute to her!

I hope you’ve met her & she knows about your band!" 

⁃ Carmella, Fan

"Great performance!"

- Eileen, Fan


"I knew this was going to be a good show when, in sound check, Tristan sang for the first time and an older gentleman who had arrived early exclaimed "Holy S#*%!!!". I looked at him and laughed because I was thinking the same thing." 

- Music on Main Street, Woodbridge, NJ


"Many years ago my wife and I went to see Linda at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. At first my wife was downed by the news that the show was sold out. I said let's go and meet the scalpers outside the theatre. We wound up in the 1st row, 1st balcony. This past Sunday we had the privilege to see your group in Woodbrige NJ. I had all the same chills and found myself saying 'Oh my goodness'. It was truly an experience beyond belief."

- Uncredited Fan, Woodbridge, NJ


"Just go see them in your neighborhood. What a talent, what a voice and what a band."

- Joe, fan


"Maybe the BEST Tribute band ever! This young lady is amazing. I'm sure she will have a successful career with her Linda Ronstadt show, but also as an artist in her own right. Just incredible!"

- Russ, Fan, YouTube


"Tristan and the Band are simply amazing!"

- Corey, Fan, Greenback TN

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